Fashion Tag

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I have a new tag for you!!!

1.)What is your favorite go-to store? Forever 21
2.)What is your favorite designer label? Juicy Couture
3.)Who is your fashion icon & why? Kendall And Kylie Jenner
4.)Which celebrity has a similar style to you? The Jenner Girls:)
5.)When is the last time you went shopping? Yesterday =)
6.)How many bags did you bring home your last shopping trip? 2
7.)Where were they from? Coach and Gap Outlet
8.)What trend do you love right now? Bows and High Waisted Shorts
9.)What trend to you hate right now? I have no Idea haha
10.)Describe your personal style? Girly with some edge
11.)What trends do you predict for the future? 80's trends
12.)What is your favorite beauty supply store? Sephora<3
13.)What is your favorite department store? Saks
14.)Would you rather look for deals & bargains or splurge? Bargains!
15.)When do you think you're next shopping trip will be? As soon as possible of course!!!!



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