Travel Diary ~ Capri

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air" - Emerson 

Here is a peek at my time in Capri, Italy.....

Highlights of Capri:

*Guided Boat Tours - The guided tours will let you explore the beautiful blue water as well as the famous grottos. My family and I filled a small private boat and got to circle the island while learning about it's history. 

*Faraglioni Rock Formations - Legend has it that these rocks are for wishes an kisses. If on a small boat you can float between the rock and appreciate it's beauty. 

*Profumi di Capri (Carthusia) - The Carthusia perfume is made in Capri and captures the fresh and floral scents of the island. Inside the store you can see how the perfume is made while testing out the different scents. I picked up a bottle in the scent Mediterraneo. The perfume is packaged in a girly floral box. On the way out be sure to grab a paper with the story of the Island and perfume of Capri legend.

Overall: Capri is a beautiful island to explore. From boat rides, to shopping, to laying on the beach, it will be the trip of a lifetime. 


Travel Diary - Amalfi Coast

Scrolling through Tumblr, I would always come across photos of the Amalfi Coast, of the buildings of Positano,and the cascading cliffs. 

Here is a little glimpse of it's beauty from my camera & through my eyes...


Highlights of the Amalfi Coast:

* The Amalfi Drive - As you drive the windy road among the Amalfi Coast, you will be able to see cascading cliffs that plunge into the blue sea. You'll be clinging to your car window in order to stare at the view.

* Positano - Positano is filled with places to shop and places to eat. As I headed downhill through the streets I saw handmade sandals, loose beach clothing, and beautifully unique jewelry. The beaches in Positano will give you a postcard ready photo.

* Amalfi - Amalfi is filled with beautiful sea views and beautiful gardens. If it is slightly foggy on the day of your visit you will feel like you're strolling through the clouds. 

Overall: The Amalfi Coast is a magically beautiful place and was one of the most remarkable places I have ever been in my life. 


Travel Diary ~ Florence & Rome

"Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what's right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in." - Andrew Zimmern

Italy has always been the number one dream travel destination on my bucket list. As a kid, I would search through my grandparents photo albums of their travels throughout the country. I dreamt about throwing euros in the Trevi Fountain and walking the narrow streets with a gelato in hand. 

This summer I was lucky enough to see this beautiful country with my own two eyes. 

Highlights of Florence:

* The Accademia Gallery - I loved visiting this gallery and seeing the authentic works of Michelangelo. The detail of the Statue of David was exquisite and a must see. 

* The Duomo - The cathedral itself is a work of art! As you stroll through the streets of Florence be sure to take the time to appreciate the architecture. The Duomo is a great spot for photos and guided tours are available. 

* Uffizi Gallery - This Gallery is truly remarkable and a must see for any art lover. As you walk from room to room you are exposed to an incredible variety of artists, even some of Leonardo da Vinci's work. 

Overall: Florence is filled with fashion and art. It is a very attainable city, not too crowded and overwhelming, but filled with culture. 

Highlights of Rome:

* The Colosseum - A tour through the Colosseum feels like you are being transferred back in time to a gladiator battle.

* Trevi Fountain - If you were a Lizzie McQuire fan like I was then the Trevi Fountain will leave you searching the streets for Paolo and his vespa. Visiting the Fountain at night while it is lit is a very magical and unforgettable experience. However, it will be crowded so get ready to throw some elbows (only kinda kidding) so that you can get a prime euro throwing/photo spot. 

* Vatican City/ St. Peter's Basilica - The Vatican is filled with art, history, religion and immaculate structures. It truly took my breath away. 

Overall: Rome is just like all your daydreams. It gives you the perfect taste of Italian culture and history. The streets are filled with mouth watering food and tons of shopping opportunities as well. 

Check back for more of my Italy Fashion Diaries!!!


Summer Plans

Trip to Greece ~64 days 
I can't wait to have a new adventure


GoPro Video Bahamas

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Here is a video of a collection of moments from the Bahamas. Most clips were taken on a GoPro Hero 3+ Black addition


Bahamas Trip

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I just got back from a trip to my happy place... Paradise Island, Bahamas. I loved all the adventures and laughs. The island is filled with positivity and sunshine that inspired each and every day that I spent there


Formal Dance Attire

Dear Fashion Lovers,

My High School recently held a Winter Semi-formal dance. My friends and I got all dressed up in our new dresses. All my friend's dresses were unique and they all looked stunning. One of my friends even wore a vintage dress from her aunt. 
My dress: Jean Jail