Gossip Girl Style- Serena


Dear Fashion Lovers,

I know Gossip Girl is over, But the clothes on that show are amazing. My favorite characters style is Serena. I think she is preppy like most of the other characters, but she also has an effortless style that is gorgeous.

 This is one of my favorite Serena Outfits!! First off i love the contrast between the blue pants and the gold blazer. The combination looks so beautiful. I also love the other pop of color in her heels. The studded pumps are just amazing!

I also love Serena's hair. In the show she wore her hair up a lot in many different ways.
In these pictures she has it in a ponytail which is braided to the end. I love this look.

I also LOVE this outfit. First of all I love the wide-legged pink pants. I think paired with a simple tank was a perfect idea. The pants give a maxi skirt/dress affect. I also love the statement necklace. Turquoise jewelry is so stunning and looks perfect with this outfit. The other accessories like the hat and bag are also great. They finish off the look perfectly


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