High Waisted Shorts

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I'm sure the winter blues are hitting a lot of you hard. I live in an area were it gets extremely cold. It is actually snowing outside right now. All I can think about is spring and summer and trends that I think will be big. This post could also give you something to think about buying if you are traveling this winter or spring.

I have lately been obsessed with high waisted shorts. This trend has been making a huge comeback. Today people are adding studs, fun fabrics, and other embelishments to make their shorts unique.

If you don't want to buy high waisted shorts go to goodwill or another thrift shop and find some vintage high waisted shorts or jeans. You can customize them and make them unique!!

Here are some of my favorites:

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  1. I love the ones with lace!! I'll definitely have to remember to make some of these this coming season! Your post is making me miss the spring time!!

    xo Syd

  2. I just followed your blog Sydney I absolutely love it:)