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Dear Fashion Lovers,

Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show ever!!! It came back on last night, for the second half of season 3.  My favorite thing about the show is the fashion...OF COURSE! Aria's style is my favorite. In this post I will share my opinion on the outfits from last nights episode.

Spencer: I love the outfit Spencer is wearing. Her classical style is amazing. Her white ruffle top with the long green skirt looks great on her tall thin body. I also think the grey sweater finished the look and made the ruffle tank more school appropriate.

Hannah: Hannah's dress is to die for! I love the color. I also love her heals. The white and black straps look so pretty. My favorite part of the outfit? The Bag! I love its bold colors.

Emily: Emily's style is never very interesting but I like her boots. She knows her style and she is comfortable in it.

Aria: The picture above shows Aria's outfit from last nights premiere. This was my favorite outfit of the night. I love how she paired the blazer with a straight skirt. She was brave, wearing stripes with leopard
 print, but it looks fantastic! The shirt under the blazer is from Urban Outfitters. Her heels and necklace are also amazing.


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