Workout OOTD

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I have another OOTD post for you. This is a little different cause this was my work out outfit today:)

Hair: When I am working out I always keep my hair up and out of the way. First I put my hair in a high ponytail. To keep my hair out of my face I also braided the ponytail. This also prevents me from playing with my hair. (which I do a lot) Lastly I like to wear a headband. The one I have on Is from Under Armour.

Sweatshirt: Since it is winter if I am cold I through on a workout sweatshirt like this Under Armour one.

This was my whole outfit for todays workout. I am wearing a pink spandex material shirt, and yoga pants from Aerie. I also have my sneakers on.

I also always drink water, which is so important!! The video in the picture above is the workout I did today.



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