Fun Travel

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Traveling can be fun and stressful. In this post I want to share fun travel tips. These may not help your worries of flying but they will make packing and preparing yourself for a trip more fun.

 I am going away in a few days. I am planning to do a post before my trip giving you more information.

First off, I like to bring new phone cases on vacations. The case below is from Juicy Couture. I am going some where warm and I think the navy and pink stripes will match many of my summer inspired outfits. Find a fun cute case to give a new look to your phone!!!

The next fun tip I have is to find a new favorite nail polish. I like to take samples on a piece of paper towel to test out my polishes.  Find colors that match the clothes you will bring on your vacation!

My last tip is to set out outfits you are going to wear. Don't forget shoes!! The picture below is of my clothing rack that sits in my room. I have picked out dresses and shirts I will be taking with me later on this week.