DIY Wall Canvas

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Today I thought I would do a quick DIY. This is a simple, easy craft for a wall in your room. I love adding cute decorations to my room. I feel personalizing and creating your own decor is even more special!

 Let me know if you want more DIY posts. 

The craft is a decorated canvas board.

Here is what you will need:

Canvas Board



Scrapbook Paper

First off, pick out some paper colors or prints you like. The paper will cover the canvas. I picked colors that match my bedroom.
Next you just need to cut out your paper however you would like and glue it to your canvas.

You can cut out words, shapes or leave it simple. The canvas is then ready to be hung on your wall.

This was the one I made today.  It is not perfect but I like it! I used the black and white background because my room has those colors. I of course had to add Vogue because my room has almost a fashion boutique feel. In a decor post when I first started my blog I showed vintage looking Vogue covers I got in NYC. This will match perfectly:) 

I can't wait to create more. If you try out this DIY comment below and send a picture to my email



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