Fashion T.V Shows

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I talk about T.V shows a lot. I know its bad... I guess I am a T.V junkie!! 

The T.V shows I watch 24/7 pretty much all relate to fashion. So I thought I would dedicate this post to my favorite shows for fashion. If you do not watch these shows, go watch them!! They are all amazing.

So here are some of my favorite fashion shows:

 First off Fashion Star is like American Idol for fashion lovers. Designers create pieces and compete to get bought by Macy's,Saks,and Express. This show is so much fun to watch. It is on every friday so go watch:)

 I L O V E Jane By Design. I don't know if this show is still being aired on ABC family. I watch the show on Netflix. Netflix has season 1. The show centers around Jane who is living two lives. One in high school and one in high fashion. 

I talk about Pretty Little Liars all the time. This show is not a fashion show... but the clothes are AMAZING!!! Like I have said before Aria's style is my favorite. I want to steal her closet!!!

Last, but not least Gossip Girl. I know this show has ended but I do not care. Nothing gets better then NYC and great clothes!

I hope you like this post. Let me know your favorite shows in the comments!!!




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