Friday Favorites: Makeup Palette Candles Hats & Shoes

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Here are my favorites for this week. This week all the pictures are my own. This was my first week back to school after spring break so it felt super long!

but anyways here are my favorite things this week:)

I have been obsessed with floppy hats lately. This one is from Forever 21. It looked so cute on so I got it! It was only $12. If you have been into hats definitely check it out!

These shoes I got for Christmas two years ago. I recently have been loving them. I lot simple ballerina flats. These go with so much. I love the little bows.

I LOVE candles and this vanilla scented one is by far my favorite!

This Palette is a one of elf's custom compacts. I got this at Target the other day along with some other makeup goodies. This compact comes empty and then you fill it with refill eyeshadows. I love the colors I picked. I made a look only using these shades and it came out beautiful. The eyeshadows aren't the best quality but they work out just fine. The crazy thing is that the entire finished palette was only $5!!
If you would like to create this palette here are the colors I used!!
Top Left: Moondust  Top Right: Ivory 
Bottom Left: Taupe  Bottom Right: Wisteria

I included this palette in one of my vines!
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