Fashion Summer Bucket List

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I am sure many of you have high expectations for this summer. Vacations planned or maybe camps, visits to the beach or just hanging out with friends. While thinking of what I plan to do over my summer break I had a fashion idea....A Fashion Bucket List!

I created a list below of exciting and daring fashion adventures that I wish to complete this summer!! Everyone should join in and do it. At the end of the summer I will make a post revealing if I completed the list.

If you plan to complete this bucket list let me know in the comments! Here is is!!!

Fashion Bucket List
Summer 2013

* Shop in a city

* Wear something hideous out in public

* Buy a handbag that you have been admiring 

* Wear an outfit consisting of entirely trend pieces

* Hold a fashion show with your friends

* Style an outfit for someone

* Clean out and organize your closet

* Sketch and doodle your own line of clothes

* Attempt to sew something

* Read a fashion related book

* Read as many copies of Vogue as possible

* Shop for amazing back to school pieces

* Splurge and buy something designer

So are you up for the fashion challenge??



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