PLL Season Premiere Style

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Like I have said before Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show. Yesterday was the season premiere! The clothes in the episode were always!

Here are my favorite outfits from the episode!

First off the liars know how to rock black dresses. Each of the girls wore a dress that flattered their bodies. While all the dresses shared the same color, I feel like each dress showed off the girls personal style. Keep this in mind when buying your next LBD. While simplicity is gorgeous, a unique detail can elevate your outfit to the next level!

Who is this?!?! The mystery liar looked creepy but I like the slit in her dress. The black lace veil is a little scary but it was for a funeral!

I loved how the liars wore the red coat in the advertisement photo for the premiere. I mean who doesn't love a good red coat?


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  1. OMG! I was going to do this post! lol I loved the outfits so much esp. the funeral dresses. Ahh so cute! Great post. :-)

    1. Thank You So Much!! One of the reasons I watch the show is to get fashion inspiration. I plan on doing more PLL fashion posts soon!