Dr. Brooke: Shopping Tips

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Sometimes I feel like I am the worst shopper on the history of the universe. Not only do I want to buy every thing in every store, It also takes me forever to decide what I want. I am going to share with you some of my best shopping tips. But first I want to share with you my typical shopping story

I will walk into a store, say Sephora, and begin to look around. I then will walk past every brand...twice. Looking at the new products from Benefit, Two Faced, you get the picture. Next I will pick out things I might want. ( This usually takes a long time) Once I have a few products I want I decide what I really need. ( This takes longer than forever) To summarize this little story I will just say I am indecisive when it comes to shopping.

So here are some tips

1) Know What You Want: Going into a store with a lot of products can be overwhelming. Forever 21 for example. I can go into that store and find a million things or none. My Forever 21 is two floors which means a ton of clothes. Before you go into a big store think about what you really need/want. Maybe you need a new pair of jeans. Look for specific things.

2) Stay on Task: If you go in looking for that perfect pair of jeans don't start looking at a dress you will never wear. If you fall in love with something else the pair of jeans you need might never make it into your closet.

3)Don't Spend a Fortune on Trends: Do not spend splurge on a "trendy" dress. When next year rolls around and your dress is "so last season" you will regret the money you spent. This is when Forever 21 comes in handy. Buy an on trend dress for $20 and enjoy it while it lasts.

4) Splurge on the Classic's: While I don't recommend spending your hard-worked money on trends, you can splurge on classic's. If the essential trench or LBD is out of your budget consider investing. Those classic pieces never go out of style.

Now I know I am not a Shopping expert but I think these tips are pretty good. Let me know in the comments your memorable shopping stories.

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