Last Minute Halloween Costume

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Halloween is right around the corner and if you are like me you probably don't have a costume. Taking these pictures for this post made me so uncomfortable. I look scary. As for the costume and makeup I don't know exactly what to call it. It could be a vampire, a zombie, or just a dead person.

I am not a makeup artist or anything but I think it came out okay. 

Steps to achieving this look
1) Start by just applying black eyeshadow all over your eye lids and face. Apply it like blush and contour your cheeks with the black to create a dark affect. 
2) Add some purple or blue eyeshadow under your eye to create more of a beat up/ black eyed look.
3) To finish the look apply red lipstick to your lips and smudge some on your forehead to look like a wound. Also use black gel eyeliner and a skinny eyeliner brush to create black lines on your face, like I did above.
4) For an outfit you just want to wear all black!

That is it for this Halloween Costume. It is simple and easy. Happy Halloween.