Boston Calling

Dear Fashion Lovers,

   This past Sunday I spent my day at Boston Calling, a music festival in Boston. While I was the most excited to see The 1975, Each band brought something unique and special to the stages. Drawing in your attention and leaving you in a cloud of rhythm.

   "People watching" at the festival was unavoidable. The crowd was a sea of musicians, students, artists, wonderers. I watched how their hearts skipped to the drums; their minds pondered the lyrics as their arms swayed to the guitar string sounds. The lady with a flower crown, with long grey hair, twisted and swayed more than most. Ignoring the worries, the world, and getting lost in the music.

   Festival OOTD... |Casual|

   Shirt: Forever 21
   Pants: Nordstrom
   Sunglasses: Forever 21
   Bag: Urban Outfitters



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