Orchard Girls

Dear Fashion Lovers,

The other day my lovely friends and I took a trip to an apple orchard for some fall festivities. The day was exquisite, capturing candids in the array of trees, baking with our freshly picked apples. The pictures taken capture the essence of the day  while also illustrating the outfits of all the girls.

 The weather at the orchard was unusual for the New England fall. The sun was blazing and we felt somewhat out of place, like we should be sunbathing at the beach instead of riding on tractor-pulled wagons. My friends pulled off the "in-between" dressing perfectly by matching short-sleeved tees with light weight scarves and of course boots. However, my long sleeve shirt and high knit socks should have been saved for a cool November day. 

I can't wait for more lovely fall days with these gorgeous girls~



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