Would You Rather Tag

Dear Fashion Lovers,

This post is going to be a Would You Rather Fashion Addition. I got this tag off of an ElleandBlair.com forum. Leave your answers to the questions in the comments below:)

1. Would you rather wear Ed Hardy from head to toe or crocs?  Ed Hardy

2. Would you rather wear Lady Gaga outifits or Katy Perry outfits? Katy Perry:) i love her candy inspired outfits

3. Socks with sandals or fanny pack? Socks with sandals

4. Would you rather wear Ugg boots with shorts or overalls? Ugg boots with shorts

5. Would you rather wear mom jeans or carpenter jeans? Umm Carpenter jeans I guess 

6. Would you rather bejewel everything or wear your pj's in public? Pj's for life

7. Would you rather wear a Davey Crockett hat or a themed tie not for the right holiday? themed tie

8. Would you rather dress like a Jersey Shore person or a Cheetah Girl? Cheetah Girl Cheetahlicious haha probably got that wrong

9. 50's cat eye glasses or Harry Potter glasses? Cat eye glasses

10. Tattoo sleeves or all of your jewelry fake and tarnished? this is hard i guess tattooed sleeves

11. Poodle skirt or Mickey Mouse hat and sweater? Poodle Skirt

12.Would you rather wear a zuet suit and gun or gogo boots? I have no idea :/

13. Clown wig or obvious toupé? Clown Wig!!!!

14. Postal men shorts or hot pants? Hot pants

15. Popcorn bubble shirt or obvious fake hand bag? Bubble shirt..maybe

16. Dress like Marilyn Manson or Raven Simone? Marilyn Monroe<3

Would you rather from: http://elleandblair.com/forum/topic/1951087/would-you-rather-fashion-edition


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