Style Recreation: Aria Montgomery

Dear Fashion Lovers,

Aria Montgomery knows how to throw together a look for school. Scroll down to see my recreation of the amazing outfit she wore in the episode titled "Under The Gun".

Here was Aria's outfit:

Photo from Twist

My recreation:

Top: EXACT!! Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Chicwish
Shoes: Converse

When I found Aria's top on the Urban Outfitters website I freaked out and had to get it. The skirt I am wearing is high waisted and works perfectly with the cropped top. This skirt is not as puffy and frilly as Aria's but still achieves the same look. Instead of wearing wedge sneakers I threw on a pair of blue converse similar to the color of Aria's. Aria was wearing a black necklace so I am just wearing a black bow necklace

Hope you liked this recreation!



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