Vacation Style Essentials

Dear Fashion Lovers,
I am so excited to say that I will be leaving this sunday for a week of smiles and sun. I am going on vacation to a warm Caribbean island. I sadly won't be able to upload any blog posts while I am there but I want to share my vacation style tips and in-flight Essentials.

1) Bring Colorful Clothing
I love to wear black and grey, but when on vacation I try to wear color. I think when you are somewhere far from home you should step outside of your comfort zone. Wear bold and bright pieces and have fun with your outfits. The skirt and leather shorts above are from the online store Tobi. The skirt is so girly and young but I feel like it can be styled to look gorgeous. The shorts make a statement and I think they are perfect for a vacation day. I will make a post showing how I styled these pieces when I return home from vacation.

2) Stretchy Bracelets are a Must!
When I go on vacation I never like to bring a ton of jewelry. Necklaces always get tangled in my bag and I rarely wear them on my trips. The only jewelry I will be taking with me for this vacation are stretchy bracelets. These bracelets are easy to throw on and off and make a casual outfit look put-together!

3) In- Flight Essentials List

* Magazines/Books: I always feel the need to read when I am on an airplane or when I am waiting in an airport. My current favorite book is "It" by Alexa Chung. My go-to magazines are always Teen Vogue or Seventeen.

* Journals and Pens: I love journaling. I write about everything and anything I experience so I always keep a journal with me.

* Gum: Gum is always a must for me when I am airplane riding.

* Polaroid Camera: I always want to capture every moment of my vacation, from the plane ride there to the plane ride back. Having my pink polaroid with me is very important for any photo opportunity.



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