Travel Diary ~ Capri

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air" - Emerson 

Here is a peek at my time in Capri, Italy.....

Highlights of Capri:

*Guided Boat Tours - The guided tours will let you explore the beautiful blue water as well as the famous grottos. My family and I filled a small private boat and got to circle the island while learning about it's history. 

*Faraglioni Rock Formations - Legend has it that these rocks are for wishes an kisses. If on a small boat you can float between the rock and appreciate it's beauty. 

*Profumi di Capri (Carthusia) - The Carthusia perfume is made in Capri and captures the fresh and floral scents of the island. Inside the store you can see how the perfume is made while testing out the different scents. I picked up a bottle in the scent Mediterraneo. The perfume is packaged in a girly floral box. On the way out be sure to grab a paper with the story of the Island and perfume of Capri legend.

Overall: Capri is a beautiful island to explore. From boat rides, to shopping, to laying on the beach, it will be the trip of a lifetime. 



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