Travel Diary - Amalfi Coast

Scrolling through Tumblr, I would always come across photos of the Amalfi Coast, of the buildings of Positano,and the cascading cliffs. 

Here is a little glimpse of it's beauty from my camera & through my eyes...


Highlights of the Amalfi Coast:

* The Amalfi Drive - As you drive the windy road among the Amalfi Coast, you will be able to see cascading cliffs that plunge into the blue sea. You'll be clinging to your car window in order to stare at the view.

* Positano - Positano is filled with places to shop and places to eat. As I headed downhill through the streets I saw handmade sandals, loose beach clothing, and beautifully unique jewelry. The beaches in Positano will give you a postcard ready photo.

* Amalfi - Amalfi is filled with beautiful sea views and beautiful gardens. If it is slightly foggy on the day of your visit you will feel like you're strolling through the clouds. 

Overall: The Amalfi Coast is a magically beautiful place and was one of the most remarkable places I have ever been in my life. 



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